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A Better Life Through CBD



Our Story

Modern day life is very fast-paced & highly demanding.  We live with a ‘you only live once’ approach meaning that we’re supposed to be perfect. We strive for perfection, whilst putting our bodies and minds through all sorts of barriers. We have a belief that CBD and all the other cannabinoids working together can help re-balance the body and mind. 

We have been in the Hemp and CBD business for a number of years, helping individuals to get the best out of the plant.  We have now set up on our own brand to push forward with helping people and awareness of the benefits.  With a natural and organic approach, to ensure maximum health benefits, both mentally and physically. 

Everybody needs different amounts of CBD to achieve the best results.  The journey to the ideal dosage can be scary, but through our experience and knowledge will be on hand to help anyway we can.  We are a family run business with the approach, ‘we are always here to help and support’, and we have a ‘can do attitude’. We treat all our customers as family and want the best for everyone. 

Full spectrum and whole plant products have already helped and shown great potential for a number of our families and friends, we now want to help as many as possible going forward.

Our Values

Signature Botanics is committed to helping you take back control over your own health, happiness, & wellbeing. Our core values serves as the heartbeat for all that we do for our wellness community.

Transparency & Honesty

We care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, but when it comes to supplements, we still rely on blind faith.  Too often, companies aren’t clear with exactly what is inside their CBD, or mask the poor quality of their hemp with other ingredients to hide the unpleasant taste of their CBD.  We’re proud of the products we’ve put together, stripping everything back to the only two ingredients that matter…organic Hemp Extract and Organic Hempseed Oil.  No additives, no flavourings, no nonsense.



We measure ourselves against the highest possible standards…yours.  We understand the various steps required to produce the highest-quality CBD products.  We have full traceability from seed-to-bottle.  

Our extraction process means that we can create products of the highest quality which embrace the entirety of the hemp plant, whilst only extracting the most desirable compounds.  All our CBD is Independently lab tested by an external company, with a full breakdown of its microbiological characteristics, so you know exactly what you’re ingesting or putting on your body.


As valued customers we are glad you trust us and will do everything in our power to ensure you are getting the best product in its natural state.  No additives, no flavourings, no nonsense. CBD and all the other cannabiniods for a full spectrum, whole plant products, as nature intended.